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Happy Halloween!


Here, on behalf of our company, I send sincere greetings to all customers!

Best Regards
JoinHour LTD CEO-Cody Schwartz

JoinHour.com-Our online investment platform is officially open to the public!


We are glad to inform you that the only online investment channel designated by our company is officially open to the public!

We welcome investors from all over the world. No matter how much you know about the market, our financial experts, risk controllers and professional traders will provide service to you all the time,help to speed up your asset growth. At the same time, a safe investment environment and efficient investment tools will reduce your investment risk to zero.

You can invest and test from $10 to determine if we are your long-term investment choice, and we believe the answer must be "yes". You can also invite your friends to earn commissions up to 15%. What are you waiting for, join us now!

In addition, if you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact us, we will reply with you as soon as possible!

Best Regards
JoinHour LTD CEO-Cody Schwartz