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    We combine financial investment and technology to monitor
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    Multiple portfolio investment methods is decrease way of the risk,
    with the experience and skills of our traders and financial experts
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    The main objective of our comapany
    is to ensure long-term high profits return.
    At the same time,we constantly update our technology,
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    investment trading for every investors

About JoinHour.com!

Join Hour Ltd established in 2016,which is a well-structured and diversified company that registered in the UK. We are committed to from the forex market and the stock market to the cryptocurrency market,research and development of promising financial technology, gradually expand the scope of business, enhance the stability of funds while improving profitability. JoinHour.com is the official online investment platform for Join Hour Ltd,it makes it easy for investors to invest anywhere in the world and streamline the investment process.

No matter how much you know about the market, our experienced financial experts, risk controllers and professional traders will add value to your assets. They formulate short-term and long-term investment plans based on market dynamics, government policies, political changes, etc., establish the best strategic leveraged investment portfolio, and stabilize capital structure while accelerating capital growth. For example,as cryptocurrencies mature, investing in valuable projects is one of our strategies for getting long-term profit. Our model is short-term arbitrage and long-term stable value-added. At the same time, we also regularly evaluate the best investment structure to optimize the entire investment project.

In addition, the company has established a dedicated team to research and develop more efficient trading tools to ensure the security and stability of each fund. For example, in response to market instability, we have developed the ability to automatically capture and quickly place orders, respond sensitively to market fluctuations and automated sample analysis, improve transaction success rates, find the most profitable entry points. For investors who can't keep an eye on the market quickly, we have a 24-hour cycle monitoring function that sets up different trading mechanism in accordance with the scheme given by financial experts team to achieve full automation.

We continue to expand the scope of business and do our utmost to give our customers confidence and get expert help in time. Customer trust is our most valuable asset. Our goal is to continuously improve our self-level according to the changes of the times and technological reforms, make decisions before market changes, and obtain stable and sustained growth profits for more investors, becoming the industry leader.

Operational divisions

R&D department

It consists of eight senior engineers who research and develop trading tools, new trading procedures, and future investment mechanisms that are adapted to the current market. They also develop automated procedures, test results, build databases, and quantify project metrics based on the project's investment strategy.

Project Department

This division's consists of project investment department, information analysis department,and risk assessment department.These departments work together to develop a diverse portfolio of investments. The project investment department:Each project is responsible by financial experts who have more than 10 years of investment experience,they led their teams to plan and analyze, including fund bond projects, foreign exchange projects, stock projects, and cryptocurrency projects,which together create an absolute mechanism.This mechanism works ideally and continuously improves. Information Analysis Department:collection and analysis of important political and economic news, new policies for various cryptocurrencies´╝îin-depth analysis of the market. Risk Assessment Department:risk management and feasibility analysis for each investment plan, strict internal control And restrictions.

Finance Department

This division's responsibilities include all of the financial,while establishing capital operations management. According to the tax system regulations and policies, optimize the capital structure and set up a fund guarantee mechanism to lay a solid foundation for the company's sustainable development.

Customer Service Department

Provide online investment consultation, risk preference selection, rationalization advice and service evaluation for each investor. Strive to provide the best quality service for every investor.

Why us?

  • Strong DDoS protection
  • Professional and experienced financial team
  • Profitable Investment Platform
  • Powerful fund security system
  • Fast payment mechanism
  • 24/7 Customer Support

We accept

  • Bitcoin

  • Litecoin

  • PM

  • Payeer

  • ETH

  • BCH

  • BSV

Our advantage

Strong capital base

Not only can we develop a variety of investment projects and research and development of efficient technical support, but also provide insurance funds for investors to ensure that investors can still ensure the lowest profit when the market is unstable.

Cutting-edge technology

Quickly and safely connect with the market and continuously develop the market. We build applications that create accurate databases, extract data at any time, and analyze data in a timely manner. Our technology can increase the success rate of transactions.

Professional finance team

Our financial experts focus on multi-dimensional and diversified investment fields, select new areas with promising prospects, eliminate outdated investment strategies, keep pace with the times, and maximize profits.

Safe operating environment

We have a self-developed and stable server that can instantly switch to our own servers even if the front-end server fails, ensuring the security of investors' funds and providing uninterrupted service.

Low risk and high return

Approaching the low risk of zero, each transaction has a background program to perform multiple analysis tests to reduce the risk cost. Hourly plans a return on investment from 0.77% to 25%.

Quality operation experience

Our platform is optimized for all mobile and stationary devices, which will make you own the most comfortable experience. No matter where you are, you can invest in our official website online platform.

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